What Was That?

I saw something and had to ask myself what was that.  What in the world was I seeing and why was this being done in the house of God.  Here was the deaconess doing the electric slide in the chuch behide the door of where we say God abides.  And those in the church rejoicing in what they saw as if it was a time of praise.  It upsets my inner man to see these things.  Now in the church, ushers are backing their stuff up, church members are  dancing in the house of God to the world music and beats, deacons and deaconess are stepping like the kappa delta in college.  What is This?  Where has the church gone.  We have let our guards down.  The enemy has not just creeped in he is in and he is in influencing those in the house to be like the world.  And because people are more lovers of their flesh then lovers of God we see such things as this.

What upsets me even the more is that the leaders are okay with it all, for even they too are doing the jump jump, come on now, move to the right, step to the back call and the body of Christ likes to follow for they know and reckonize.  These are those who were never fully delivered from the ways of the old man.  We need to be careful of our dance and shout before the Lord being sure it is not our flesh doing the mash potatoes. In my lifetime I have seen a lot of worldly steps being mixed in our praise.

When we look and say what was that, it is time that we think things over and ask ourselves are we under the right leadership and can we grow where we are.  Things will always happen in the house of God but when it is affecting our relationship and walk with our Father it is time for us to consider the cost.

We can not walk around with blinders on as if we do not see what is  going on.  It is truly praying time and seeking the face of God.  I do not say it is time to run and flee but a time in which we take a stand and pray and bring the walls down and cause that which has corrupted the church to cease its operation. Pray for the leadership for it is God who will reveal to them not you bringing things to them.

The church seems to be led away and captive and it is high time that it lays aside every weight and sin that is so easily besetting it.  Church look, look unto Jesus who is the author  and finisher of our faith. Deliver us oh God, mold us and make us after your will.

About Overseer

I am a Mother, Leader and Founder Fresh Anointing Ministries, Household of Faith and Truth Bible Institute, Gleaners Field, Seed and Harvest Time, P.A.T.H. Personal Attitude Towards Health, T.W.N.S. The World Not Sure Online Radio Station. Business Owner My Eternal Love, J & D Soaps.
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    Ask God to create in you a clean heart and renew your spirit. I believe He will give you an acceptable praise.

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